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Miracle Flights for Kids: Flying Sick Kids to Better Health

March 29, 2017

The overall goal of Miracle Flights for Kids since they were established in 1985 has been to ensure that all flight requests are fulfilled for any underserved families who needs their help to get their sick children a flight to wherever the best treatment is. Too often, families lose hope for their sick kids because they simply don’t have the money for airfare. That means, thanks to Miracle Flights for kids, fewer children are condemned to permanent illness or even death because their families don’t have the money to get them to where the best treatment is.

Over the years, Miracle Flights for Kids has provided more than 100,000 flights covering upwards of 55 million miles to sick kids and their families, which is a great record. It means that tens of thousands of kids received the help they needed, even though their family didn't have the means to get them there. A lot of families have received the treatment they need for their children, regardless of where in the United States the healthcare they needed was located. The Miracle Flights for Kids outreach program asks for help from people all over the United States and helps thousands every year.